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Hello everyone!
darkluna93 wrote in paganfriends
I am a 32 yr old female who has been studying paganism, ancient history and anthropology for quiet some time. I am originally from Italy where I learned quiet a lot about the "Stregheria" but moved to the middle of the US a few years back (5 years ago). In the midwest most of the people do not have an open mind about religion so I tend to keep my beliefs quiet. 
I am very close to the Roman Goddess Diana and extremely close and grateful to Lilith... I also find interesting some minds of the Thelemic path.
I would love to add some pagan friends to LJ or Facebook.

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i think you'd actually be surprised to find how many witches are in the midwest! some of the more famous authors, like ellen dugan and raymmond buckland, live in the midwest, and there are covens ranging from alexandrian to seax to druid and all between.

what state are you in?

and have you checked out to find local events, groups, shoppes, etc?

I just looked at your profile and answered my question. :) Ellen Dugan lives in Missouri, too! She's a really cool writer and I know she's always posting pics on facebook of things like Missouri witches' balls. Definitely check out Witchvox for events, covens, and everything else near you! good luck! blessed be <3

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