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Hello everyone!
darkluna93 wrote in paganfriends
I am a 32 yr old female who has been studying paganism, ancient history and anthropology for quiet some time. I am originally from Italy where I learned quiet a lot about the "Stregheria" but moved to the middle of the US a few years back (5 years ago). In the midwest most of the people do not have an open mind about religion so I tend to keep my beliefs quiet. 
I am very close to the Roman Goddess Diana and extremely close and grateful to Lilith... I also find interesting some minds of the Thelemic path.
I would love to add some pagan friends to LJ or Facebook.

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I just looked at your profile and answered my question. :) Ellen Dugan lives in Missouri, too! She's a really cool writer and I know she's always posting pics on facebook of things like Missouri witches' balls. Definitely check out Witchvox for events, covens, and everything else near you! good luck! blessed be <3

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