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I hope that this community isn’t too inactive. I’ve had this journal for a few months now, and I’ve finally decided to start using it – understandably, I’d enjoy having some like-minded friends to accompany me. :) My journal will be primarily a journal of inspiration; photographs I’ve taken, musings and dedications, images I’ve found on the internet and prose and poetry I like will be the primary content of this journal; personal entries will feature, but in a smaller quantity compared to those of an inspirational nature.

My livejournal pseudonym is Mila Anie (my goddess calls me ‘child’ and ‘duckling’). I’m nineteen years old and I’m studying biological sciences / medicine in a rural university campus. I spend my life divided between living with my partner and several friends in my state’s capitol city when I’m not attending school and living with my parents (who live closer to my university’s campus) when I’m attending school for several days at a time. I would like to pursue paramedicine. I consider myself a writer, but really I have no interest in attempting to be published. I enjoy world music and I play the bass guitar.

I am a non-religious neo-pagan with no interest in coven-based work or a structured faith system. I’ve been raised in this environment and many of my beliefs are what I was told as a little girl, rather than what I’ve read in books. I’m owned by Kali Maa, who took possession of me almost a year ago. Until that point, I’d only been interested in deities as concepts, archetypes and the sources for interesting stories and mythos. I pay respect to Shiva because I feel that it’s appropriate, given my relationship with his consort. I’m intensely interested in shamanism, especially as it relates to my heritage; my maternal great-grandmother was part of the Lairmairrener tribe (Big River tribe) of Hobart, Tasmania and I feel that blood is an important part of shamanism.

I hope that I can find a few friends here, even if this community does seem a little bit slow ~
It’d be good to be able to get in contact with other pagans, as I don’t actually know any pagans ‘irl’ outside my own family.

Hello everyone!
I am a 32 yr old female who has been studying paganism, ancient history and anthropology for quiet some time. I am originally from Italy where I learned quiet a lot about the "Stregheria" but moved to the middle of the US a few years back (5 years ago). In the midwest most of the people do not have an open mind about religion so I tend to keep my beliefs quiet. 
I am very close to the Roman Goddess Diana and extremely close and grateful to Lilith... I also find interesting some minds of the Thelemic path.
I would love to add some pagan friends to LJ or Facebook.

Merry Meet
Hello to all. A bit about myself; my name is Syrinx, I'm 23, a mother, a 911 dispatcher, a college student, and very much a Pagan. I've grown up in the Pagan community, born & raised, complete with a Rites of Passage and all. I take my beliefs very seriously. Though I am a solitary practitioner now, I frequent the various Pagan festivals in my area & I at one time belonged to a coven. I quite frequently mention my beliefs or experiences having to do with my beliefs in my entries, so I'm looking for some like minded people to add to my friend's list.

A fair word of warning however, my journal often contains rants, foul language, & things of a sexual nature. I only mention this now because I would hate to offend any new & potential friends. Please do not add this journal if easily offended.

Blessed Be.

Add Me Veg - Community Promotion
Enchanted Forest
With the moderator's permission;

a plug for

Please let any vegetarians, vegans or interested omnivores know.
Looking forward to seeing you over there!

 A few of my friends are members of this community and I thought I would post an entry.
I have been following a path for a while and have recently through the help of a good friend realised the path that i am on and developing certain aspects of this path.
I am a very spiritual person and have a keen interests in crystals. 

This LJ is quite new as I closed my old LJ as it was not a place I could talk openly any more about things and was using filters more and more, so I only moved some of my friends with me and am now looking for like minded friends. This is not something I have done before and do not intend moving LJ's again..
I do not have an intro post, but I love animals, and have horses, cats, dogs and chickens. I am married with children and work with homeless young people.

If you would like to add me, please comment :)

The Merry Meet
sw } ani } vader shadow

The Merry Meet is a brand new social network type website speciafically for pagans. Might be a nice way to meet new pagan friends outside of LJ as well. Just thought I'd let you know ^^

If you're on there, let us know. I'm palovana on there as well =)

Hi there =)
sw } ani } vader shadow
Hey everyone, nice idea for a community, and I'll right away introduce myself too =) I copied this bit from my profile page, hope you don't mind. There's a lot more in the "about me" post at my journal, especially concerning paganism and spirituality - which is what this community is about, right? =)

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Feel free to comment, and add away if you think we've got enough in common to get along!


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