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ladyinthewood wrote in paganfriends
 A few of my friends are members of this community and I thought I would post an entry.
I have been following a path for a while and have recently through the help of a good friend realised the path that i am on and developing certain aspects of this path.
I am a very spiritual person and have a keen interests in crystals. 

This LJ is quite new as I closed my old LJ as it was not a place I could talk openly any more about things and was using filters more and more, so I only moved some of my friends with me and am now looking for like minded friends. This is not something I have done before and do not intend moving LJ's again..
I do not have an intro post, but I love animals, and have horses, cats, dogs and chickens. I am married with children and work with homeless young people.

If you would like to add me, please comment :)

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I'd like to add you, if that's all right. I have an intro post, linked in my side bar, but it's flocked. My profile is pretty extensive, though, I think. ;-)

Thanks .... i have added you back :)

You left a comment on my entry and I'd be glad adding you :)

Thankyou and I have added you back :)

Hey, I definitely understand the journal-switching thing. I've done it myself a few times (hoping I don't have to again!).

Anyway, hope it's okay to add you...?

Yes it is fine to add me :)
I look forward to getting to know you :)

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