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Merry Meet
derelictxdreams wrote in paganfriends
Hello to all. A bit about myself; my name is Syrinx, I'm 23, a mother, a 911 dispatcher, a college student, and very much a Pagan. I've grown up in the Pagan community, born & raised, complete with a Rites of Passage and all. I take my beliefs very seriously. Though I am a solitary practitioner now, I frequent the various Pagan festivals in my area & I at one time belonged to a coven. I quite frequently mention my beliefs or experiences having to do with my beliefs in my entries, so I'm looking for some like minded people to add to my friend's list.

A fair word of warning however, my journal often contains rants, foul language, & things of a sexual nature. I only mention this now because I would hate to offend any new & potential friends. Please do not add this journal if easily offended.

Blessed Be.

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Hi I would like to add you if that is ok

Hey, I noticed we have a bunch of stuff in common.

In regards to the medieval/renaissance stuff, do you ever go to any events?

Hope you don't mind being added :)

I do, I go to quite a few of them :-) Added back.

(Deleted comment)
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